Monday, February 18, 2008

Patrick Curl's Awesome Explosive St. Patrick's Day Contest!

There are many ways to win, and some really awesome prizes available go ahead and check it out!

Patrick’s Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Contest 3 ways to win - One explosive Advertising Prize Package

This BLOG CONTEST applies to the following Blogs:,,

3 Blogroll links (With nofollow removed), on all three blogs.

3 125×125 ads 1 on all 3 of my blogs.

3 Unique Blog reviews from all 3 unique Blogs.

1 stripe ad on

1 RSS feed ad x 3 blogs.

2000 Entrecard credits!

Due Date:
March 17th

How to enter:
- 10 ticket each(Max 30 tickets) - Subscribe via email to all 3 sites:
- Subscribe to Patrick’s Weight Loss Battle - Help Save my Life! by Email
- Subscribe to Blog Contest Site - A Social Experiment by Email
- Subscribe to Two Fuzzy Slippers by Email

- 10 tickets each (Max 30 tickets)- add any or all my sites to your blogroll.

- 5 tickets per post(max 15 tickets) - write 1 small blog post/review about one or all of my sites. If writing about all, it must be 3 separate posts.

- 15 tickets(max 15 tickets) - Write about the contest on your blog.

Please visit the main contest page. To submit a comment with your total number of raffle tickets, and how/where/why you earned them. The main contest page is located here!

1 comment:

Cindy said...

Hi Patrick- I couldn't find a link to leave a comment on the main page and I left two elsewhere but got no notification that they had been received. I subscribed to all three of your blogs and wrote about you and your contest in three different locations.