Saturday, February 16, 2008

Two fuzzy Slippers - Trading our way to Greatness!

I once read about a guy who traded one red paperclip for a house. He didn't make just one trade, but eventually through multiple trades he got enough exposure and leverage to make a trade for a house.

Today, I am starting my trading journey, this is an experiment to see how far trading can go. I'd like to say I'm trading my way to a Million Dollars, but if I end up with only a car, or a new house as my last trade, well that's still farther than most people would imagine taking their trade.

Do I think it's possible to trade something small for $1,000,000 ? I definitely do. For instance say I take the previous guy's example, trade for a house, fix up that house, sell it for enough to buy a bigger house and fix that up and sell it for even more - eventually leveraging myself into larger and larger houses, or more and more real estate properties.

I'd ultimately like to see this trade take me to home ownership, and or business ownership. But lets just see where it goes. What am I trading?

2 Fuzzy Baby Slippers.

Please make your offers here in the comments.

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